Midlife Mouse, the Disney-filled, Amazon best-selling satire novel by Wayne Franklin, is available at great prices for the holiday season. Now through the end of the year, get paperbacks for $9.95 and the Kindle edition for only $.99! That’s less than a buck for the book readers and reviewers have called “magical” and a “hilarious.” If you’ve been waiting to get a copy, or if you’ve already read it and just want to share the magic, now’s the time! [...]
Mon, Dec 02, 2013
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We always love getting a new 5-star review of Midlife Mouse. Each one is like a little Christmas morning unto itself. You know by the five stars on the wrapping that it’s going to be good, but you have no idea what will be inside. The latest 5-star review, posted by reader Jeffrey Lee on Amazon, did not disappoint. Jeff turned his focus to an aspect of the book that other reviewers have briefly mentioned, if at all: the weaving of real Walt Disney Company history with the book’s invented mythology. “The real genius behind this story is the fictional underground World [...]
Thu, Aug 15, 2013
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I never planned to write a sequel to Midlife Mouse. Really. Now that I’ve started writing one, I may have to start over. As I started thinking about the characters and where they would be today, three years later, the ideas for a sequel began to take shape. Many questions were left unanswered at the end of the book, and those questions form the starting point for a follow-up story. Over the last few months, I’ve made halting progress on the sequel, Midway Mouse. Beyond the five or six chapters that are already written, I have done a good deal of research [...]
Mon, Aug 12, 2013
Via Midlife Mouse
If any of you have ever wondered what Midlife Mouse author Wayne Franklin sounds like (and really, who hasn’t?), now’s your chance to find out. Wayne was recently interviewed by host Bill Thompson for The Bookcast, a podcast dedicated to interviews of indie authors. Now all of your burning questions can be answered: Does Wayne have a Southern accent? Does he lisp, because he writes like a lisper? Does he pronounce the word “oil” as “earl”? Does he even say the word “oil” in the interview, so we’ll know? The answers to all these questions and more await you on the Midlife [...]
Thu, Aug 01, 2013
Via Midlife Mouse

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